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Denso 2002

Spare parts catalogue
Price: 22 USD
Date: 7/2002
Language: Japanese
Region: Japan
Operating system: WinXP, Win2000, Win98
Disk amount: 1 CD
Denso electronic catalogue of spare parts contains the information on the fuel equipment (fuel pump, pumping up pumps, adjusters, dispersers) for passenger and the lorries special and industrial technics{technical equipment}.
The catalogue of spare parts on one CD is delivered. Work from CD and full installation{refitting} on HDD is possible{probable}. Contains detailed figures, specifications for ТНВД, and also the equipment for repair and preliminary treatment. Allows to search for details according to the car or engine makes, under original number, under number Denso, there is a cross-country-референс as under number spare parts it is possible to look the list of engines on which it{she} was applied.