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Denso ETSI 2006

Spare parts catalogue
Price: 43 USD
Date: 7/2006
Language: English, German
Region: Europe
Operating system: WinXP, Win2000, Win98
Disk amount: 2 CD
Denso electronic catalogue of spare parts contains the information on the fuel equipment (fuel pump, pumping up pumps, adjusters, dispersers) for passenger and the lorries special and industrial technics{technical equipment}.
The catalogue of spare parts on 2 CD is delivered. Work from CD and full installation{refitting} on HDD is possible{probable}. Contains detailed figures, specifications for ТНВД, and also the equipment for repair and preliminary treatment. Allows to search for details according to the car or engine makes, under original number, under number Denso, there is a cross-country-референс as under number spare parts it is possible to look the list of engines on which it{she} was applied.

Firm Nippondenso, having changed the name and having transformed since October, 1st 1996 in Corporation DENSO, has been based{founded;established} in 1949 and now is one of world famous leading manufacturers of automobile components.
As the reason of change of the name of firm that fact has served, that the former name of company Nippondenso (that means " the Japanese electronic spare parts ") any more did not cover all scope of the existing company as the company also distributes the activity in the Europe, to America and Asia.
At 40 industrial enterprises in 18 countries DENSO makes wide assortment of products of high quality for motor industry, and also is one of the greatest in the world of manufacturers of components for cars and other vehicles.
To correspond{meet} to the high quality standards of production and to take leading positions, DENSO puts more than 6.5 % of its{her} sums of sales in R*D Programs, reaching{achieving} world sales USD of 16.63 billion in a year with number of the personnel 77100 person.
To satisfy needs{requirements} of the customers and the international market more effectively, DENSO has created branches in 23 countries, not including Japan.
DENSO EUROPE B.V., branch DENSO and Simultaneously European headquarters of firm it has been created in 1973 and now 248 person totals approximately.